Current travelogues

Norway 2013     „Getting addicted“

Iceland 2013     „Zebra in the Wild“

Iceland 2014     „Visiting the North American Plate“

Scandinavia 2014/2015     „Chasing Northern Lights“

Scandinavia 2015/2016     „Back to Tromsø“

Iceland 2016     „Up! Up! And Away?“

Norway 2016/2017     „Power“

Iceland 2018     „Without Zebra – it felt quite offended“

South Georgia 2018     „Does not look like summer either“

Norway 2019     „Close Call“

Iceland 2019     „Bubbles!“

Norway 2020     „Somebody put the head in the clouds and start blowing, please“

Iceland 2021     „Hot vacation in a cold country“

Scandinavia 2021/2022     „Northernmost often used“

Svalbard 2022     „Save the Polar Swan“


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